"Toasted Marshmallows & Obies"

Lower Albany Fireside Stories

This, the ninth offering from adventurer, historian and raconteur Bartle Logie, departs somewhat from the pattern established in his previous books. Here Bart offers a very entertaining mixed bag of short, sharp stories - 72 of them!

We get a glimpse of his life and adventures as a young man in England and the Cape, as well as anecdotes from his childhood visits to the Lower Albany area in the Eastern Cape, where his father was born and spent his early years.

Interspersed are acute, insightful and entertaining observations of the people, the rich history and the diverse flora and fauna of this fascinating region of the Eastern Cape.

What has not changed is the meticulous research, both on the ground and from reference material, and an easy, personal story-telling style.

All in all, vintage Bartle Logie!


talesfrtcovermedLaunch of "Tales from an Unmapped Country"

St Francis Bay publishing facilitator Write-On Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of St Francis Bay author Bartle Logie's new book  "Tales from an Unmapped Country"

The book will be launched at a function to be held at the St Francis Links at 6:00pm on Monday, November 21.

Guest speaker at the event will be Proffessor Richard Cowling Research Proffessor of Botany at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth 

This latest offering from adventurer, historian and raconteur Bartle Logie, his eighth, follows, to a large extent, the pattern established in his previous books: meticulous research, both on the ground and from reference material, and an easy, personal story-telling style. But there is a difference with “Tales”. It is a book of two journeys: one through the Border area of the Eastern Cape and the eastern  fringes of the Karoo, and the other a personal one through  memories of the author’s eventful and fascinating youth.

Inspired by his friend Kain Sisusa, Bartle and his wife Caryl set out to re-visit familiar places to see how, if at all, they had changed.

And then, “trolling through our memories, we would take a parallel  journey, returning to the unmapped country of yesteryear”.   

“I have an idea,” said Kain. “You must go and visit my old village. Because why? Because you are always travelling and talking to people. When you come back you will be able to tell me the truth, but not to hurt my heart. You will tell  me and I will be pleased to hear, but I don’t want to go there again myself, it will make my heart too sore.”

Both journeys offer up wonderful insights into places and people, and into the persona and character of the author.

Write-On Publishing was contracted facilitate the publishing of Bartle Logie's books following he earlier retirment of his previous publisher, Colin Urquhart of Bluecliff Publishing.

Write-On was initially instrumental in the re-publishing of Bart's previous book, "Boots in the Baviaans".  

All are invited to the launch, but in order to faciliate catering, those intending to attend should book with St Francis Links at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 042 200 4500.

Those attending the launch may also choose to make a reservation for dinner in the St Francis Links restuarant for after the launch.




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